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When reality isn’t what you wanted„,now what?

do you give up? or fix things? 

what we have right now, is it still all worth it.

We have been together for almost 6 months now and it did not feel long at all.

"Time flies when you’re having fun".

I enjoyed every moment I spent with you. When i’m with you I forget everything all my worries, you are my escape place.  But i still feel that we are not that close.

"To have a happier and a relationship more worthwhile, he should also be your very own bestfriend".

Is this why our relationship is not working? We don’t tell each other our problems or we just cant bring ourselves to do so. (I remember you telling me that you are not the type of person that can’t get his thoughts out, and that is where we are similar).

I still know little about you. And our time spent together was not enough to say that we need to let go of each other now. But I cant stop you if you are loosing interest. I believe we can work things out, we just need time to cool ourselves and think about everything again. 

When a situation is not what I pictured, I used to give up. And in this relationship, we’ve been through some of that but we managed to work it out.

In this relationship I learned not to give up if things aren’t the way you wanted it. While I was with you, I learned to relax and have fun and I showed a different side of me. Plus many more. (: 

Thank you for sharing this past 6 months with me……

Now you said after this day, if things did not work out then its over. I guess if you did not saw this message after today then its goodbye. 

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I never thought that we would end up together, I’m glad we did. You make my everyday so happy. Thank you for staying next to me.
I will do my best to keep us together.

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Mark Glen Galam Rivera

Mahal ko,

i want you to understand why i value my pride so  much, but for you i will change that because i want things to work out between you and me. its not my pride why i don’t apologize first, its me not knowing what to do. when you get mad and its entirely my fault, i get mad at you for getting mad at me. its not fair of me to do that to you. And i cannot even apologize properly to you. I’m not good with words and expressing my feelings. I’ve always kept my thoughts and feelings inside me till I’m about to explode which will take years. its a new thing to me i want you to feel how deeply sorry i am and how I’m willing to change for this relationship to work.

i’m sorry for hurting you all the time, for keeping things. i call it a white lie (unintentional & unimportant). i thought that by not telling you i am preventing you from getting hurt but i end up hurting you even more. i dont know what are the right things to tell you.i think its good if you just ask me for now so i will know the right things to say but later in our relationship i know i will get use to it.

for what happened earlier, i am very sorry. i did not mean it like how i said it. i want to be next to you all the time especially right now that you are going through a difficult time. but if ever I’m next to you right now, i would not know what to do or say to you. all i can say is that i will do my best to comfort you and make you happy and stay next to you till you want me to.

thank you very much for always making me happy and letting me feel your love. i feel so blessed that you are always next to me. thank you for sharing your problems with me, i will never get tired it. and i will do my best to help you.

i really am sorry for my behavior. it has been years since i fell in love. i have always ignored this feeling. afraid  of getting hurt, afraid that if i give you all my love you will leave me like how my past relationships did. afraid that it will interfere with my future plans but now you are part of my future plans and i am not afraid of loving you and giving you all my love. i trust you. and if ever i get hurt when you decided to leave me, i will understand, it is part of a relationship, nothing is perfect.i know that now, before if my plans did not go according to plan or if I’m not happy anymore, i give up. but i will  not give up on us and i will try to make us work.

since I’m being honest here, first time i saw you, i saw potential to be in a relationship with you but i was afraid and shy and was not sure so i just ignored my feelings and forgot about you till December 23, 2010 when you opened up my heart again and i slowly fell for you.

this is the last thing that I’m hiding from you. My personal blog (that only 1 person knows, altier). I write my thoughts in here that I cant express very well and I re blog some quotes that matches my feelings (and some just totally random)

i love you so much. you are my only love.

from me.

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