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Here’s why I was upset Tuesday, June 28….

I wanted a break. When I’m with you, I don know but somehow all my worries disappear. Sounds like a lyrics from a song but its true. :)

After spending time with my family I wanted a break away from my mom, it got a bit suffocating. All she does is say bad stuff about my dad. I get she’s upset but does she have to trash my dad around his own kids, we don’t need to hear that. 

Maybe my dad has been neglectful of us since she got a a new girlfriend. Sure he’s not helping around the house anymore, cooking food, or buying groceries; I’ve been doing all that, and I can do it without any help. But everything happens for a reason right? That reason maybe for myself to mature and to push myself to independence. Which is a very good thing.

I don’t care much if he’s not around anymore, he provided me my education and other needs for 20 yrs and I thank him for everything that he has done. Its now his time to have his own fun with his new girlfriend. I believe they will last long because I see that she’s different from all the other girls. I used to like her but after all the family drama they told to not talk to her. I couldn’t care less. I wish them both a happy with no more interruptions, he deserves it. And for my dad, I’m hoping that he finally finds the one person that he wishes to spend his entire life with. 

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When reality isn’t what you wanted„,now what?

do you give up? or fix things? 

what we have right now, is it still all worth it.

We have been together for almost 6 months now and it did not feel long at all.

"Time flies when you’re having fun".

I enjoyed every moment I spent with you. When i’m with you I forget everything all my worries, you are my escape place.  But i still feel that we are not that close.

"To have a happier and a relationship more worthwhile, he should also be your very own bestfriend".

Is this why our relationship is not working? We don’t tell each other our problems or we just cant bring ourselves to do so. (I remember you telling me that you are not the type of person that can’t get his thoughts out, and that is where we are similar).

I still know little about you. And our time spent together was not enough to say that we need to let go of each other now. But I cant stop you if you are loosing interest. I believe we can work things out, we just need time to cool ourselves and think about everything again. 

When a situation is not what I pictured, I used to give up. And in this relationship, we’ve been through some of that but we managed to work it out.

In this relationship I learned not to give up if things aren’t the way you wanted it. While I was with you, I learned to relax and have fun and I showed a different side of me. Plus many more. (: 

Thank you for sharing this past 6 months with me……

Now you said after this day, if things did not work out then its over. I guess if you did not saw this message after today then its goodbye. 

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No matter how hard I try to tell you my problems, I can’t bring myself to do it. You know I’m not good with words and can’t open up to just anyone. 

It’s not pride, I just dont know what to do. I need to think before I act and it will take time.

Ive talked to you about this plenty of times now but if you dont understand this still then there is no point to continue on.
There’s no point to continue if you admitted to yourself that you are starting to loose interest in us. 

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Nakakainis ka na Di mo alam ang priorities mo. Ayaw ko ng ganito Di mo Ako maintindihan.